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Aeolian Islands Flotilla

29th July - 5 August
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Sicily - Italy

29th July until 5th August 2023

A flotilla sailing holiday takes away the stress of itinerary management, weather related decision making, stressful mooring situations and navigation, leaving you to relax and enjoy the sailing and visiting beautiful places. Just follow us!

Lead yacht / crew, here is what we'll provide:

  1. Organized itinerary and moorings reservations
  2. Daily Chart Briefing
  3. Welcome beach party with punch
  4. 2 evenings restaurants reservations - group booking (settle own account)
  5. 2 excursions (Salina wine / capers tour) + (Stromboli Trek)
  6. Morning Yoga provided by an experienced yoga teacher
  7. Assistance with mooring and anchoring in each location
  8. Technical Support if you have boat problems
  9. Anchor watch so you can relax peacefully on shore.


This event encompases the following:

Tickets for Aeolian Islands Flotilla

Flotilla Fee 4580.00 AED

Last updated 4:05am on 28 March 2023

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