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SB20 Unattended Launch/Recovery Service » Rockstar

1st September 2023 - 31 May 2024
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To facilitate the growth of the SB20 fleet and the subsequent pressures on the launching the Unattended Launch/Recovery Service is offered to members to ease the burden of being present to launch and recover their SB20.

Assisted Launching is still offered as part of berthing fees for members who wish to launch their own boats with the assistance of the club tractor.

Unattended Launch/Recovery Service - Packages are priced according to number of launches. Individual assisted launches can also be arranged.

Package for - One Design Series / Rockstar

No. of Launches - One Design Series Race 10x / Rockstar - Unlimited*

All launches need to be confirmed at least 48 hours in advance. Preference must also be given on keel up or down. It is the members responsibility to confirm a launch/recovery: Confirmation needs to be by email to

For individual launches, kindly email



· Boom stand removed

· Cover off

· Boat launched & secured in marina

· Keel Down (if specified). Keel post will be left in boat

· Note: Boats will be launched as found. Adding sails from sail store not included.

· Note: Fitting of rudders is not included to prevent any possible damage


· Pre-Recovery Please leave keel post in the boat.

· Keel Up / Rudder removed

· Boat recovered

· Trailer and boat hosed off

· Cover added

· Boom stand added

· Note: Boats will be recovered as found. Removing sails is not included.

Last updated 11:39am on 19 June 2024

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